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For farmers

Double the power output of your existing biogas plants, and open up major new revenue streams. With zero emissions.

Double your electricity generation from the exact same amount of feedstock

Containerized plug&play installation, easily scalable to your needs

Reversible operation, power generation and energy storage

Near-zero maintenance, done by us

Up to 5-fold increase in revenues due to diversified product sales

Plug & Play

Containerized standard 100kW units, simple installation and easily scalable with plant size

Maximum flexibility

Reversible operation makes use of excess power in the grid, switch in less than 1 minute

Revolutionary efficiency

Up to 80% efficiency, for both power generation and energy storage

Climate positive

The first system to replace combustion engines, supply hydrogen and enable large-scale carbon capture

“I am looking forward to become Reverion's pilot customer for three reasons:
1. to optimize the biogas energy generation system by increasing efficiency and flexibility
2. to achieve CO2-neutral operation by replacing fossil fuels with self-generated methane
3. use the power-to-gas mode for storage of photovoltaic electricity during times of surplus for times of high demand.”

Josef Haller , Bioenergie GmbH, Schäferei


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