General information

What is the origin/meaning of the name Reverion?

What are solid oxide fuel cells?

How does electricity generation work in a Reverion plant?

What distinguishes Reverion plants from conventional combined heat and power plants and fuel cell power plants?

How does gas generation (power-to-gas) work in a Reverion plant?

Reverion product

How mature is fuel cell technology?

What is the typical operating time of a plant?

How do you calculate the 80% efficiency?

Outputs and profitability

What is the purity of the CO2 when it leaves our plant?

How can the recovered CO2 be used?

How do I market the electricity produced?

Pre-order / purchase information

When will we be able to deliver plants or when will the plants be available?

What does a maintenance contract cost and what services are included?

What are the dimensions of the 100-kW and 500-kW systems?

How does the pre-sales process work?