Transitioning to a future without fossil fuels is among the greatest challenges humankind has ever faced.

The problem is urgent. The window to reverse climate change is small.

And achieving the seismic shift in our energy system we need requires more than hypothetical innovation or hopeful moonshots.

We need solutions that are ready to generate change at scale.

And we need them now.

At Reverion, we are tackling the climate challenge head on, by reimagining the power plant for a 100% renewable future.

We are applying our unrivaled expertise in fuel cell engineering to build breakthrough technology that makes carbon negative energy generation a reality, today.

Saving gigatons of CO2 and paving the way for a future where the world is powered by abundant, clean, climate positive energy.

We are starting with biogas – a weather independent renewable energy source with the potential to radically decarbonise European energy.

Our first mission is to make carbon negative power generation possible at scale and on-demand by making the most out of biogas and unlocking the potential of existing renewable supply. Or short:

Reverion is BECCS. BECCS is Reverion.


And we are not stopping there, our technology has the potential to replace 19th century combustion engines across industries, and pave the way towards a thriving, resilient planet powered by 100% renewable, climate positive energy.

“We are making climate positive power generation possible at scale by building the next generation power plant”

Stephan Herrmann , Co-founder & CEO

The most efficient power plant on earth

The most efficient power plant on earth

Saving xx Gigatons of CO2 per year

Towards 100% renewable energies

Towards a 100% renewable energy system

Saving >6 Gigatons of CO2 per year at lowest cost

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