We are impact-driven scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs on our way to revolutionize the energy sector.

Founded by Dr.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann and a team of world-leading engineers and scientists from the Technical University of Munich, we are driven to tackle two of the greatest problems of mankind – creating a truly sustainable energy system and removing gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Today we are a fast-growing team with deep specialisms in fuel cell engineering, data science and power plant construction. In 2021 we delivered a successful proof of concept, and now we are expanding our world-class team to scale production and build a business that can deliver on our mission to make carbon negative power generation possible at scale and on-demand.

In 2022 we were the only European team to be nominated for Elon Musk’s XPRIZE for Carbon removal, and raised 7 M€ from Extantia and other investors to help us scale our business and create impact at scale.

Company milestones


Simulation & economic analysis

It all started with thermodynamic modeling and optimization of our innovative fuel cell system


Labscale experiments

Initial experimental investigations of single solid oxide fuel cells and catalytic processes



Securing the core IP of the Reverion process with the first two patent families


research funding

Awarded with an 1.8 M€ grant by the German Ministry of Research and Education


Planning & engineering

Detailed process and component engineering of the first complete Reverion unit


Building & comissioning

the first containerized Reverion unit with 10 kW power output, 25 kW energy storage


10kW prototype operating at biogas plant

successfully validated the technology over more than 1,500 hours under real operating conditions



Incorporated Reverion GmbH in March, closed Seed financing round in April 2022


Complete piloting

Building, commissioning and piloting of the first full-scale 100 kW unit


Series production 100kW units

Ramping up production capabilities in order to put many of our units into operation


Our values

Climate comes first

We are united by our mission to generate change the world needs – and focussed on solutions that can make the greatest difference, now. Climate impact underpins every decision we make.

Challenge assumptions

The thinking that got us here will not get us where we need to go. Scaling breakthrough technology is only possible by challenging accepted wisdom, existing systems - and each other.

Learn at speed

Delivering out mission at scale requires rapid learning and constant improvement. We seek the fastest paths to new knowledge and learn fast from failures and successes.

Relentless optimism

We believe change is possible, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. We approach every day with energy and unflinching optimism, knowing that a fossil fuel-free future is in our sights.

Founding team

Stephan Herrmann

Co-Founder & CEO

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Felix Fischer

Co-Founder & COO

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Luis Poblotzki

Co-Founder & CDO

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Jeremias Weinrich

Co-Founder & CPO

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Maximilian Hauck

Co-Founder & CTO

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