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For industry

Our units are optimized for deep integration into your thermal and chemical processes. We deliver power, heat and various gases for onsite utilization.

Multiple output streams, tailored to your need

Containerized plug&play installation, easily scalable to the required size

Long-term energy storage through flexible power-to-gas process

Near-zero maintenance, >8000 h of operation per year

Cost-competitive from day one, securing your 24/7 supply security

Plug & Play

Containerized standard 100kW units, simple installation and easily scalable with plant size

Maximum flexibility

Reversible operation 
makes use of excess power in the grid, switch in less than 1 minute to hydrogen production (energy storage)

Revolutionary efficiency

Up to 80% for both power generation and energy storage

Climate positive

The first system to replace fossil energy, supply green hydrogen and enable large-scale carbon capture

Reverion gives us a new degree of freedom and drastically reduces both our carbon footprint, as well as the energy bills.

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