Learn more about our XPRIZE project in the brand-new project video!

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We are excited to share the video of our XPRIZE project with you! The competition has been running since April 2021 and our team was ranked 22nd among thousands of applications worldwide at the XPRIZE Milestone Awards after one year.

Together with Landwärme, we will build the first economically viable facility for the sequestration of biogenic CO2 for permanent storage. The same plant will produce pure CO2 and either renewable electricity or green hydrogen in order to support the needs of energy grids. This is achieved by integrating our innovative Solid Oxide Fuel Cell system into the established upgrading of biogas. The pure CO2 is subsequently liquefied and i.e. stored in geological formations, easily achieving imperatively needed negative emissions with climate positive power production.

XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity – fighting climate change and rebalancing Earth’s carbon cycle. Funded by the Musk Foundation, this $100M competition is the largest incentive prize in history.‎

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By Felix Fischer
Co-Founder & COO