Successful start of the project “Wasserstoff-Reallabor Burghausen” with 35 partners from science and industry

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The ambitious joint project “Wasserstoff-Reallabor Burghausen ChemDelta Bavaria” has started its work with a full-day kick-off event attended by 80 participants. The project’s goal is the climate-neutral transformation of the chemical industry through the material use of green hydrogen. Reverion is the lead project partner for the work package on hydrogen production at a CO2-neutral biogas plant.

Less than 4 weeks after the funding notification by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the official start of this 4-year project with a total budget of over 50 million euros took place in a full-day kick-off event at the TUM Academy Center in Raitenhaslach. The project partners come from science (Technical University of Munich, Technische Hochschule Rosenheim, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. and Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V.) and industry (companies in the region, such as Wacker Chemie AG, OMV Deutschland GmbH, InfraServ GmbH&Co Gendorf KG and Westlake Vinnolit, but also specialized companies from all over Germany, such as PlasmaAir AG and Easy-Labs GmbH).

The goal of the “Wasserstoff-Reallabor Burghausen ChemDelta Bavaria” is to transform the tradition-rich chemical site into one of the largest green chemical sites in Germany. In doing so, the results should point the way beyond the Bavarian “Chemiedreieck” to establishing a sustainable, competitive and resilient chemical industry in Germany. Currently, the sites of the region lack not only a consolidated transformation strategy with regard to the future of energy, but also, in particular, concepts for the transformation of the various production paths. This is where the H2-Reallabor comes in with a holistic approach. On the one hand, a detailed system analysis of the region will be performed. On the other hand, explicit problems of the chemical industry will be tackled in six technologically focused work packages in order to adapt the individual already existing value chains to the new framework conditions. In particular, this involves the conversion to electricity or hydrogen-based processes, the implementation of and feasibility studies with regard to a closed-loop recycling economy and securing the supply of basic chemicals to the site.

Reverion GmbH is a project partner in this consortium and in charge of implementing one of the work packages together with the partners Landwärme GmbH, Carbon CO2ncepts GmbH and the Chair of Energy Systems at TUM. The work package includes the development and demonstration of a novel reversible solid oxide cell system and the coupling with a biogas processing plant. The technology will serve the grid by either providing highly efficient electricity for the CO2 capture and liquefaction plant’s own needs or by producing hydrogen highly efficiently in the event of electricity surpluses. The innovative Reverion technology will be integrated into a biogas processing plant for the first time and the grid-serving operation of the entire process chain will be demonstrated. In addition, hydrogen and carbon dioxide will be supplied to the other work packages and the ChemDelta.

The joint project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The Minister, Mrs. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, was very impressed by this project:

“I want to make Germany a hydrogen republic. To accelerate the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched the H2 Reallabor Burghausen - ChemDelta Bavaria. With around 39 million euros, we are thus supporting Bavaria's largest chemical site in its transformation to a green industry. I am convinced that this lighthouse project and the innovations developed here will have a great impact beyond the region.”

At the beginning of the all-day event, Mr. Anton Steinberger, Managing Director of Reallabor Burghausen gGmbH, welcomed the project participants and emphasized the special importance of this project for the transformation of the chemical site Burghausen / ChemDelta Bavaria. The new managing director of Reallabor Burghausen gGmbH and overall project manager of the joint project, Dr. Christian Hackl, explained the special focus of this project, which, in contrast to most other projects on the subject of hydrogen, does not focus on the energetic use of hydrogen – but rather on the use of hydrogen as a platform chemical for material use in the chemical industry:

“Hydrogen is much too valuable to burn, it must be used as a raw material for the construction of more complex compounds, which the chemical industry and thus ultimately us consumers need.”

This was followed by the presentation of the eight work packages of the project by their respective leads. This illustrated the particular technical challenges in the individual sub-areas and also showed how the various project partners will contribute to achieving these goals with their specific competencies.

We are pleased to be involved in this ambitious, innovative project and will keep providing information as it progresses.


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